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Love Counseling - I started a podcast to share the most common relational issues, and what you can do about them. Check-in monthly for new episodes!

Reimagining Love - Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a beautiful relational expert who provides expansive ways to strive for more fulfilling relationships.

Where Should We Begin - Ester Perel is a powerful voice on cultivating intimacy and connection in the world of relational therapy. Her podcast provides episodes of real couples going through challenging situations. 


Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - The Gottmans provide some of the best research out there on what makes a good long-term relationship. 

Come As You Are - Dr. Emily Nagoski provides a powerful and detailed resource for those struggling to connect with their own sexuality and desire. 

websites and apps

The Trevor Project- get 24/7 support for all things LGBTQ+. You matter. Get the support you need now.

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