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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

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In many situations, therapy should have an end date. It is expensive and it should be effective in helping you meet your goals. There are a few exceptions to every rule; however, I encounter many who meet their goals, but struggle to feel confident concluding therapy. Many times, this is simply because clients are lacking social connections needed to maintain growth. You need a community who will support you in your continued growth. If you have learned tools to help you self regulate, and the only piece that is missing is having someone to talk to, it's important to surround yourself with at least a couple of people who support you.

There are many reasons why people are in social silos right now. COVID, technology, political polarization, cancel culture, instant gratification, misuse or overuse of drugs and alcohol, etc. Each of these has a unique effect on the social structure of society today. Our mental, emotional, and social capacities have atrophied the last few years. We’ve quite literally forgotten what it is like to meet and be around people. Friends are the people we choose to be with because they align with parts of us that deviate from our families. Maslow's hierarchy of needs, prioritizes innate human needs. At it's base are our physiological needs (like sleep, food, water, exercise, etc), next is safety and security, but third is belonging. Imagine that! Feeling like you can be you next to others is the third most important human need!

While I can’t give you friends and social connection, I am here to facilitate it in any way that I can. Maybe you want to start a support group for postpartum depression, so you can meet and connect with other moms going through what you are! Maybe you are looking for a group for men who acknowledge that they have feelings. Maybe you want to start a bowling group for singles. Whatever groups you might be interested in joining or starting, let’s figure out how to connect you with people who will understand your therapeutic journey. If you have a book club, a hiking group, a knitting group, a brunch bunch, a Dungeons and Dragons club, etc that you would like me to promote, please let me know! I want to take your interests, and turn them into community. I need your help to do it! If you find yourself struggling to meet other people and form connections, let’s work together!

DD Love, MFTC - (970) 852-0687 -

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