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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Have you ever had a suspision that something was wrong with your health? So you go to a doctor to get answers. You sit in their office, the doctor scratches their head, and says, "I don't see anything wrong, but you could see a specialist." So you go to the specialist, and the specialist says, "I think it is an issue with a different part of the body than what I treat. You need to see a doctor that treats that part of the body." So you make the rounds, seeing doctor after doctor for everyone to tell you that you are probably fine, but if the problem persists, check in later. It feels like the problem is somewhere between what each health professional knows.

Both mental health and physcial health have gaps in care. I am speciallized in relational care. I'm not specialized in trauma care or addiction, but that doesn't mean that these issues do not impact your relationships. Your relational wellness is realted to your mental wellness. Your mental wellness is related to your physcial wellness. And yet, no clinican can be an expert in everything, leaving you with big questions about where the problems actually lie.

It is my firm belief that all of it matters. True, I can only treat that which I am trained in, but I will not leave the rest up to you. I will help you connect with specialists so that there are no gaps. So that you can have an all encompassing vision of health and wellness tailored to you. And if it is helpful, you can request that I coordinate with other health professionals so that there are no gaps in your care. Your health professionals can collaborate to form connections that have previously neglected.

If you are interested in building an integrated care approach to therapy, schedule an appointment today. 

DD Love, MFTC - (970) 852-0687 -

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